Make a Wish

Take a look around you next time you walk into your day-job/meeting/dentist/courthouse/kid’s school/church/neighborhood grocery store (the few that still exist but in our urban centers there’s more of a chance, even if grafitti). Chances are strong you are oblivious to some very intriguing art. Or is that just me (oblivious). The key is to wake up in our real life. Today. Now. In the meantime, make a wish…

Make a wish… #street art

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Why Here, Why Now

Welcome to Urban Freespirit! This post is actually a homework assignment (never my favorite option) for Blogging 101. I clearly need the push since I’ve been sitting on this blog for nearly a year. I didn’t want another year to go by and as yet another birthday has passed and I realized life is too short just to think about doing things. The good news? I only procrastinated a week on the assignment. Progress!

Here is a preliminary list of things I am interested in exploring via this blog/website:

  • My thoughts on wellness, yoga, spirituality, work, personal style/mojo/design, partnership and life.
  • My own creative process via blog posts, writing, photography, interviews, video
  • My desire to share what I learn (and have learned) with others re wellness, healing, personal style
  • The desire to extend this at some point to collaborations & submissions

That’s it for now. Stay tuned.    And thanks to my BF for modeling his new peace t-shirt. The designer is Italian and his name is Andrea. We met him at BhaktiFest 2014 out in Palm Springs. The peace sign is actually made up of countries in hand-lettering.  Check out his website at oneloveunited if you’re interested. They have some terrific stuff and a great message.


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